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Category: Mechanical Rides


Whether you’re planning to please hundreds or just those special few, The Spaceball 2000 is the ultimate party attraction. Participants will feel as if they are rolling and tumbling through outer space with this mechanical ride, which is based on NASA’s Astronaut Gyroscope Trainer. Also known as a Human Gyroscope, this ride has been proven safe and entertaining for all ages. Includes operator.
The Gyroscope is a small amusement that packs a BIG punch! With multi-axis movement, it is based off of the training system that NASA and the Air Force use to train astronauts and airmen. And we have the most extreme of them all; the GyroXTREME! It is completely motorized and lets two people ride at the same time. *Height requirement per rider: between 4ft up to 6ft 2 inches. *Weight requirement per rider: up to 250lbs.

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